How To Use Cydia – A Complete Beginner’s Guide

If you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad just a while ago and seeking the ultimate Cydia guide, then you come to the right place. Currently millions of users are using iPhone with jailbreak and they know that how Cydia works and what are the benefits of Cydia.

but there are also millions of peoples exists who are not familiar with cydia and don’t know how to take their iPhone to the next level with Cydia tweaks, for those guys we created this article as the ultimate Cydia beginners guide.

Cydia is a simple yet effective tool for those ones who want to get full control over their iOS device. Cydia + jailbreak, both tools can give you the authority to do anything in your device, which by default Apple won’t give you at any cost.

Let’s take a look at how we can use cydia for our benefit and how to install and use this super special store in our ios device.

What’s Cydia is and What are the Benefits of Cydia and Jailbreaking?

Cydia is like the Official App Store – the only difference between both of them is that official store only allows specific apps and games that Apple Inc approves to be listed but the other hand 3rd party store like Cydia allow all the free and premium apps that Apple never ever allow on the App Store.

They also offer paid apps, games, tweaks, themes etc at very low cost but if you are not willing to pay then you can still install all the premium stuff free of cost from other Cydia sources.

If you love to customize your phone such as themes, docks, lock screen, status bar etc. then Cydia can give your device a whole new look. You can name Cydia as an alternative of the official iOS app store, but Apple has no control on this third-party app store.

First of all, keep in mind that Cydia only works perfectly on jailbroken devices. So in order to unlock an amazing world of Cydia features like icons, tweaks, apps etc you have to jailbreak your phone anyway.

Some Key Features of Cydia Jail Break

Apps: You can Install Tons of free and premium apps from the Cydia store. Third Party apps that Apple won’t allow in their Store.

Themes: Give a whole new look to your iPhone/iPad. Search and install thousands of beautiful themes from Cydia Store that Apple won’t let you do.

LockScreen Themes: If you tired of watching your login screen, again and again, and wants some twist then explore tons of LS themes in Cydia store and apply your favorite one.

Tweaks: Cydia with JailBreak support, let you change your iPhone’s fonts, icons, and thousands of other tweak stuff in no time!

Cydia UI Guide: Repos and Sources

For better understanding, you need to be familiar with Cydia user interface before you start using it.

Cydia: In your Cydia Homepage you will see trending and top-rated apps.
Sources: You can add or remove repos in sources tab.
Changes: You will be notified automatically whenever the new upgrade is available for your apps/packages.
Installed: You can find all your tweaked apps in the installed tab.
Search: You can search for any app by using the search tab.

Now we have enough information that what Cydia is all about, Let’s explore it together and learn how to use Cydia.

How to use Cydia: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

As a beginner, You have to know 3 most important things about Cydia.

  • How to add App source (repos) into Cydia
  • How to Search and install apps (tweaks) using Cydia
  • How to Remove Tweaked Apps using Cydia

Bind Cydia Account With Google or Facebook

First of all, link your cydia account to your facebook or google account.
This is the most important thing you should do after installing the cydia. so open the Cydia App Store. You will see a sign in option in the middle of your iPhone Screen.

Binding your account with Facebook or Google account helps you to retrieve prior packages in case you reset or change your iPhone. If you only download free stuff from Cydia, you don’t have to sign in.

What is a Repo on Cydia?

In simple words, “Repos” means another store in the cydia store, which has their own hosted apps. Repos are the sources where you can find thousands of tweaked apps, themes etc.

How to Add or Remove Sources From Cydia

By default when you install cydia on your iPhone, iPad the 2 most popular repos ModMyi and BigBoss installed by default in Cydia store. Both Repos sources host thousands of tweaks, games, apps, themes and other packages on their server.

You can install almost every app from the following default sources “ModMyi and BigBoss“, but in some cases, in order to install specific apps and games, you have to install them from their official repo source.

Step by Step Guide to add Sources to Cydia

Open Cydia and tap on Sources tab from the bottom menu.
Then Tap on Edit button from the top right corner.

When you click the edit button you will see all the sources you already added to the cydia including ModMyi and BigBoss.

Now click the Add button from the top left corner to include a new source to the cydia. You can also remove any existing source by tapping on the red button.

Cydia will verify the source from next few seconds and start showing you the data from the new source. Once the process has been done you can search your desired app from the new repo source.

How Do I Remove Repository/Source From Cydia?

If you want to remove any particular source from cydia then simply open your cydia app and select the ‘Sources’ tab from the bottom menu and tap ‘Edit’ button.

Now Tap on the red button to remove the Source from cydia. Please Note that after removing the source corresponding tweak will no longer appear in the search once you delete its associated Source.

How to install Cydia tweaks, apps or themes

The installation process is very simple. Open Cydia and enter the package name in search bar once the search results appear, select your desired app you interested in and tap on it to install the package.

Note: Before installing any app or game, open package details page and read the description carefully whether the package you are going to install is compatible or not. If the package is compatible with your ios version then tap on Modify button to install the package.

How to Remove Packages From Cydia

If you fed up with any of your cydia tweak or two similar tweaks may cause conflicts with one another. No matter what the reason is removing tweaks is super easy.

Just open cydia in your iPhone/iPad Open Installed tab, from the bottom right corner. You can find all your downloaded apps and packages here.

Tap on the app/package you want to remove from your jailbroken device.
Tap Modify and then select Remove option to uninstall the package from your device.

Tip: If the app is not working perfectly You can use downgrade or reinstall feature to fix the problem.

Update Installed Packages in Cydia

You can check the status of your installed apps, whether a new update for your installed packages is available or not. If the update is available for one of the installed tweaks then simply go to Changes Tab and tap the Upgrade button on the top left corner to update the app.

Managing Cydia Storage

Nowadays low storage has become a big problem for smartphones users. If you love to discover new games and apps, then maybe you are facing this issue too.

If you are using a cydia then you can keep an eye on your iPhone/iPad storage. There’s a way to manage cydia storage. Just open Cydia > Manage and then tap on Storage button.

As you can see in the above-shown picture, you can see all information about your installed Themes, apps, iTunes and others. This simple storage chart can help you manage your disk space very effectively.

Final Words

Try to add Cydia sources that have 60k or fewer packages because Cydia barely handles a repo source that has 60k+ packages. So try to avoid reops source that has more than 60k + packages on their server.

Please remember that after the jailbreak your warranty is voided and you can not update your iOS version anymore. Because jailbreaking means is hacking your iOS device, which helps you to bypass and remove Apple’s security system.

It means that your iPhone/iPad is vulnerable and can be spied by third-party apps. So, always try to install apps, tweaks from trusted sources unless your device can be affected by malware and malicious attacks.

That’s we all had about Cydia Jailbreak. We hope that you enjoyed this Cydia beginner’s guide and it helps you understand what cydia is all about. If you feel that this cydia guide is incomplete and missed an important part then let us know by commenting below.

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