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Latest iOS 11 users can record their iPhone screen with a built-in app but If you’re still using iOS 10, 9 or lower then there is no official iPhone Screen Recorder app available for you to record iPhone iPad screen


the fact is that Apple is very strict with iOS security and they block all the apps who try to record iOS screen. Because Apple believes that any malicious app that you may think it’s off can capture your sensitive information like your account and password.

So the 1st and the safest option for you is that upgrade your iPhone iPad to an iOS 11 or later version. Once you upgrade it You can use native built-in screen recording app by visiting the Control Center.


You can download iPhone Screen Recorder Apps from the official iPhone Store. After the iOS 11 update, dozens of screen recording apps are now the part of the Apple Store.

Record iPhone & iPad’s Screen With or Without Jail Break

If some reason you are stuck on iOS 10 or lower or don’t want to update your iPhone iPad to the latest version then simply follow one of the steps below to record your iPhone iPad screen.

  1. Record iPhone, iPad Screen with AirShou [No Jailbreak Needed]
  2. Record iPhone Screen with Audio in iOS 11 with Apple’s Built-In Tool
  3. Record Your iPhone’s Screen Using QuickTime Player (No Jailbreak but PC Required)
  4. Record iPhone, iPad Screen with Any ScreenRecorder [Jailbreak Needed]

How to install AirShou Screen Recorder App

AirShou is a tweaked app that can help you to record your iPhone and iPad screen with ease. As we said earlier there is no app available on the iOS market that can record your screen so you have to download it from the third-party source.

There are several sources available on the internet that can help you to directly download any app to your iOS device. You can download apps through websites or use any third party apps store like (TutuApp Store) to download Airshou screen recorder app.

In our case, we will download and install Airshou app through the iemulators If you’re facing any issue during the installation of the app just visit emu4ios.net instead, AirShou is also available on their site.

air shou download 1

After installing the app, AirShou icon will appear on the Home screen. Tap AirShou icon to run the app If you get a popup warning like this “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” Don’t Panic you just need to trust it. You can easily fix this error by marking AirShou as a trusted app.

Just go to Settings > General > Profiles > Device Management, then finds the AirShou profile and mark it as the Trusted app.

airshou app trust 2

Once you mark as trusted and open the app it will ask you to login Since, Shou.TV is a gaming platform which gives you a live streaming feature. In order to use it, you have to log in first, you can use Google, Facebook or Twitter for quick access.

Please make sure that your mobile is connected to a WiFi router because Airshou cannot be used offline.

airshou screen recording 3

Once you all set you will get two option Broadcast and Record tap the Record option from the main menu, give a name to your video select preferred orientation.

one more thing…..

Before the recording make sure that mirror is on and you have already selected your device from the AirPlay list. You can access this setting from the Control Center.

AirPlay ios device setting 4

Once you record then tap on the red banner, or open the AirShou and Stop the recording.

After recording the screen You can open it on any video application you have. You can use a video editing tool to trim unwanted parts or you can share it via AirDrop or email or just simply save the video in Camera Roll for later use.

airshou screen recording saving record file 5

EveryCord (formerly named iRec)

Installation of EveryCord is very easy. If some reason Airshou doesn’t work for you or you failed to install the app then give a try to EveryCord. Just like Airshou, there is no need to jailbreak or PC to record your iPhone or iPad screen.

Download Here

everycord ios 10 screen recorder 6

Just visit the official website through Safari or any web browser On your iPhone iPad and download/install the app. If some reason app’s certificate gets expire you need to download and sign the IPA manually via the Cydia Impactor.

After the installation of the app, do the same thing that we did earlier to Airshou just go to Settings > Device Management > Select the app and tap on Trust.

Once you all set open the app give a name to your video and hit start to record your video. EveryCord lets you record your entire screen your favorite games and moments. They also support live-streaming directly to Twitch and YouTube.

Record iPhone Screen with Audio in iOS 11 with Apple’s Built-In Tool

As we know that before the release of iOS 11 QuickTime Player was the only official way we have to record iPhone, iPad and iPod Screen But The time has change Now, in iOS 11, we can use Apple’s official screen recorder app to record our screen.

Good thing is that iOS 11 users can now record their mobile screen along with audio and voiceovers.

The iOS 11’s built-in screen recorder is not enabled by default. You have to activate this feature manually. Just simply go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls then scroll down one by one and find “Screen Recording” and activate the feature.

Add the Screen Recording Shortcut

It does not have an app, it’s just a simple toggle and you have to add this tool to “include section” for quick access. more information see the below images.

Start Recording Your Screen

Once you follow the steps as described. You will see a Screen Recording toggle in ‘Control Center’ you can use this shortcut to quickly start or stop the recording.

ios 11 control center 8 no jail break needed

Whenever you want to record the iPhone screen, Simply swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone/iPad screen to open the Control Center. Then hit on the screen recording icon to start recording.

During the screen recording, it will also record apps and game’s sound as well, However, if you want to record your voice only then simply long press on the icon to open its very own control window. Where you can set up things as per your need.

Note: During the recording, your iPhone/iPad status bar will turn red until you stop the recording. Once you finish the job just tap on the red status bar or just swipe bottom to up and stop the recording from the Control Center.

It will save your file into the Photos app where you can edit the video and trim the unwanted parts.

iphone screen recorder

Note: If you are not satisfied with the built-in iOS 11 screen recorder. You can check the official iOS store. There are dozens of ios screen recording applications are available.

Record Your iPad or iPhone Screen using QuickTime Player (No Jailbreak but PC Required)

Record Your iPad or iPhone Screen using QuickTime Player (No Jailbreak but PC Required)
If you are using an iOS 10 or lower version and you have a PC then QuickTime is the best way for you to record the iPhone’s screen.

You don’t need to jailbreak your phone or to do any cydia things. You just need a PC and few things to capture iPhone screen right from your PC.

Please make sure that you have all the things that mention below because this method won’t work. If you failed to complete below requirements.

Minimum Requirements

  • Mac running OS X Yosemite (10.10) or higher
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod with a Lightning port
  • QuickTime Player 10.4 or higher
  • iOS 8 or higher
  • USB Lightning cable

Please note that QuickTime 7, won’t work here You need a preinstalled version which comes with OS X Yosemite.

Steps to Record iPhone Screen using QuickTime:

Connect Your iOS Device to Your Mac
Connect your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to your Mac using your USB-to-Lightning cable. Depending on if you’ve connected your iOS device to your computer before or not,

Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac via the lightning cable and if it is the first time maybe you get an alert on your iPhone “Trust This Computer?” just tap on Trust to give access to your iPhone.

record screen via pc trust this computer 10

Open QuickTime Player, go to File > New Movie Recording from the menu.

record screen via mac quicktime 11

From the new window click on the little arrow and select your iOS device from the list.

Record iPhone Screen via QuickTime

After making the necessary changes, select your iOS device from the list. You will able to see your iOS device on your Mac Screen. Now you are 1 step away to record the screen just simply click on the red circle to start the recording process.

select your iphone or ipad in mac quicktime 12

Save Recording via QuickTime

Once you finish the recording process click the stop button and save it on your Mac, You can also edit it via QuickTime and convert it to any desired format you want. You can also set video and audio quality either low or high as per your need.

Record iPhone/iPad Screen with DisplayRecorder [Jailbreak Guide

DisplayRecorder has a very user-friendly interface and it considers as the most popular Cydia tweak when it comes to recording your iPhone or iPad screen. It has all the features that any top-rated app will provide you. 

such as recording in different screen rotations, high definition video quality, frame-rates setting, video formats and the quick gestures support by Activator.

Display Recorder Download Here


Note: DisplayRecorder Supports iOS 9.3 and lower versions and it won’t work on iOS 10 or higher versions and it can not record system audio currently. You have to use a mic to record the audio.

How to Use DisplayRecorder

iOS 9 and lower version users can purchase and install Display Recorder from Cydia’s app store. Once you install the app just go to Settings > Display Recorder to set up the recorder. Once you setup it as per your need just go out from the settings menu and launch the recorder.


Now launch the app and record what you want. Your recorded video will save in your apps directory, However, You can save your videos to the Camera Roll if you want.

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