How to View Insta DP in Full Size on your iPhone

As we all know that Instagram does not give such an option to view or download any insta users profile photos as per their security policy.

When we are using the instagram we can see other instagrammers timeline we can like them share them or comment on them but like Facebook we cannot see their insta dp in full size.

All you can do on Instagram is just watch videos or view other people’s display picture and their posted photos on their timeline.

The good news is that there are some online tools available that can help you to download or view other Instagrammers profile pictures in full size.

There are a bunch of insta dp downloaders tools are available online that can let you download or view any Instagrammers profile in full size but unfortunately, some of them give their 100% and others are just trash.

Long story short in this article, we will share every possible way to view or save Instagram profile picture in your mobile or PC. The method we will share are 100% free can be done on any device no matter you are using Andoird, iOS or Windows.

How to View Insta DP in Full Size on your iPhone, Android or PC

As we mention earlier there are the bunch of sites available on the internet who promise to show any user’s Instagram display picture in full size and most of them just sucks.

Steps to view Display Pictures:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter Insta Profile Username
  3. View the requested display picture in full size.

Viewing Any Insta Users Profile Picture in Full Size

First of all visit, The following website will help you to view any Instagram user’s profile picture in full size.

Once you land on the website you enter the username of instagram profile that you want to see in full resolution.

if you don’t know the exact username than you can search it by typing his/her name and the autocomplete feature will help you to find your desired profile and start showing you the insta profiles related to your query.

For more information see below image.

view insta dp in full size

You can also copy the profile URL through the Instagram app just open the app in your Mobile, click the three-dot menu icon and Tap on “Copy Profile URL”.

Once you have done the insta profile picture viewer tool will show the full display picture of your desired Instagram profile.

Note: If you are using Pc then simply copy profile URL from the
address bar.

View Insta Profile via Old Patched Method (Not Working Anymore)

Viewing the insta display picture via modifying the URL was a pretty good method but now its no longer works because they patched it.

The idea was that we visits any Instagram profile through the mobile app or desktop browser.


“Copy Profile URL” by clicking the three-dot menu icon. In case you are using the desktop browser, simply copy the address bar URL.

Open the link in browser like chrome/firefox and paste the URL into the address bar and click enter.

Now right click on the image and open it in new tab. Now look at the address bar and find a following text like ‘s150x150/‘ or ”s320x320/‘ and the replace it with ‘s1080x1080/‘ and remove ‘vp/‘ from the URL and hit enter.

Once you hit the enter button you will see the profile picture in full size. Now Right-click on it save the in your computer or if you are using mobile hold over the picture to save in your mobile.

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